We love it when we can head along to industry events which have you leaving with a mind full of insight and a belly full of free food and drinks. And Started From the Bottom was just that. Hosted by General Assembly at aMBUSH gallery, the night was teamed up with drinks, eats & beats. With the perfect amount of time to mingle teamed up with an awesome lineup of industry speakers (two of which were featured in Issue 04 of Kaleido!) we left the event feeling inspired.

First up was our favourite groover, Vanessa Marian from Groove Therapy who kicked off her talk with a quick dance sesh to break the ice. She discussed how Groove Therapy focusses on promoting diversity within their company, and how that will then be projected to a global audience. “If it comes from yourself in something that matters then failure doesn’t matter. And that’s what will keep it authentic and others will see the same authenticity.”

Following Vanessa was Mary Hoang from The Indigo Project, another feature from Kaleido Issue 04 and our very own panelist from our launch. She reminded us that starting a new business is not all glitz and glamour, it’s really fucking hard. Something that really helped shape what Indigo is today is her willingness to open up and be vulnerable in all areas of life.  “It’s okay to not be okay, it’s okay for you to not be okay.”

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Next up was Edwin Onggo, the founder and CEO of GiggedIn who chatted about why and how he started his business. He reflected on although it’s hard and challenging to start a business, its really rewarding. Once you figure out the problems in the world that you’d to solve, next comes the passion. “But don’t be too fixed on the solution” Edwin says, reminding us to leave room to expand and evolve.

Caroline Shields next took to the stage to introduce her passion project turned social movement, Be An Unfucker. She and co-founder Vanessa Morrish are on a mission to redefine what it means to be green. It only takes a quick scroll through their website to instantly relate and connect with their content, these ladies know how to speak to their audience! “You can be an Unfucker, all you have to do is choose one thing that you want to change.”

Last up on the night was Adam Jacobs from The Iconic. He took us through his relatively fast journey to creating one of Australia’s leading online fashion retail site; starting in a tiny studio in Surry Hills and moving into a huge warehouse with hundreds of employees in just 5 years. His three steps to building a successful brand follow purpose, team, and execution.