It’s easy to forget that Sydney is filled with creative gems involving passionate and unique people. Every so often Kaleido is introduced to group of people who doing amazing things for those in need of some inspiration and support within their own practices. The Indigo Project recently invited us along to one of their workshops, ‘Unlocking Creativity’ – a two hour class about nurturing your creative spirit, working through your blocks, and cultivating self-expression through mindfulness. 


The Indigo Project is a boutique psychology and mindfulness studio based in Surry Hills. As part of their practice, they regularly open up their doors to the general public for events and workshops. The Indigo Project were also a part of Kaleido Issue 4, speaking on the panel and running their own mindfulness workshop at the launch earlier this back in July. Check out what went down at the launch here.

Unlocking Creativity really encouraged those into thinking about how it is we can move past any barriers that we face in our creative practice. Mary and Rich who hosted the event outlined that a lot of creatives commonly hit a wall in their work when they are overcome by negative and worrisome thoughts. That is why their main focus is through mindfulness practices, and how simple techniques such as positive psychology can create ideal conditions in your mind for your creativity.


A lot was covered in such a short amount of time, but we have summed up they key techniques for you to try when you find yourself stumped for motivation, ideas, or confidence.

The 5 second rule.

You can’t always rely on the notion of motivation, and you can’t always wait around for it to come. If you have a task that needs doing, count down from 5 and when you hit 0, just get up and do it.


Mindfulness meditation.

The workshop started with a 5 minute meditation session. For those who haven’t tried meditation, it may be a little confronting. But Mary ensured us to “Just be with yourself. And accept yourself.” If your thoughts are getting in the way, gently bring your focus back to yourself and your breathing.

46.9% of our day is spent lost in our thoughts, so think about how your mind might effect you and your work. Ask yourself what thoughts get in the way of your creativity? Mindfulness really is “Exercise for your brain.” Rich follows a simple rule, “Rig it so you can win.” – meaning you should do what works for you. Not all of us can accomplish 30 minutes a day to meditate, but making smaller commitments such as 5 minutes to hang out with yourself everyday will help your routine stay on track.


Dealing with your shit.

Self awareness, vulnerability, self care, and setting emotional boundaries can help you create the life you want. Rich says to set down some train tracks so that when life gets in the way you can try steer yourself back on track. For years he has been offloading all of his thoughts, worries, questions, ideas and ‘shit’ into his ‘Morning Scribble’ journal. Each morning he takes time out write in his journal as a way of “Cleansing as much bullshit as you can get out.” Buy yourself a journal, and set yourself some discipline for your morning scribble. Remember to:

  • Set some goals – make it the first task of the day
  • Write whatever comes out
  • Try to not look back over what you have written in the past – the journal should be a place free of judgement.
  • Reflect on moments of realisations
  • Connect the dots
  • End the entry with a simple manifestation or vision. “Create your day, your week, your month.”


Both Mary and Rich expressed the value in showing gratitude in your daily routine. The science behind it and the process of looking for something to be thankful for is proven to improve your happiness, and as we were told you can really be more creative from a happier place. “Creativity doesn’t have to be a dark art – it can have some structure.”


Creativity requires vulnerability to thrive. Be open to opening up. With our busy schedules and career taking up a lot of our time, we should remember to use our spare time wisely. Making a little priority for ourselves is so important, especially for those who need a little creative boosting. If it sounds like you need a little Indigo in your life, make sure to check them out in Issue 4 of Kaleido, or hit up one of their events here.



All photos by Liam Cameron.