We had an amazing turnout for our very first Kaleido Shorts, a short film screening and talk series. Sydney locals are always producing creative content, and we think it’s always worth celebrating. As part of the Newtown Festival week COMMUNE helped us host an awesome night filled with films, free popcorn and drinks! Alongside the films, the audience got to hear first hand from the filmmakers behind the work.

Big shout outs to the guest speakers on the night for sharing their amazing films and advice to the crowd. First up was Rabbit, a short film by Nicholas Denton. An inspiring start to the night, he set the tone for what to do in those situations when as an actor you can’t always find what you are looking for. In always searching for the perfect script and the perfect storyline, the realisation that you can’t expect that to just be delivered to you, he got out there and wrote the story and the character he wanted to play. Focusing on the fundamentals of love, hope and identity it was a story of young people being thrown into adult situations, and left a lasting impact on the night.

Margo Lowry and Toby Morris next showed an episode of Dog Squadron, much adored by the audience (cute puppies and hilarious puns – perfect), and a film clip they produced for Sheppard – Geronimo which has been viewed more than 23 million times on YouTube. Together, they team up to make the most of each others skills, but most importantly they have accepted that sometimes you need to work in a commercial setting to help support your passion projects outside of work hours. We all know how hard it can be to find a balance between work and our passions, so hearing from two successful full-time freelancers provided some comfort that we aren’t the only ones.

Following the duo was Sam Freeman who screened Afterbirth, a short piece which provided a lot of laughs. Much like the name suggests, it was filled with perfectly cringey material, with equal parts hilarious and disturbing, which we absolutely loved. Sam shared the process of putting this film together with a team of friends in the early days of his filmmaking. Though now specialising in sound for film and coming a long way with his technical skills, he reflected on the importance of having a crew you trust and work with well, as he still calls upon these friends in his larger commercial projects.

Finishing the night was the premiere screening of a new series called Plans. Diana Popovska who wrote and starred in the series introduced it on the night with Luke Wood, whose filmmaking experienced helped to bring the project to life. What made everyone appreciate the episode so much was the passion and style of guerilla filmmaking that went into it. They had no external funding to create the series, relying 100% on the help and support from friends and networks. They made this series simply because they loved the story and wanted to share their passions with others. We will definitely be keeping an eye on the release of the rest of the series, and keep you all posted!

Thanks to those who supported Kaleido and the filmmakers on the night, we can’t wait to put on a second film night. Also a special thanks to the lovely Jo Parsons for MCing on the night, COMMUNE for the amazing venue, and Beer Creative for the delicious brews.

If you would be interested in screening your short film with us in the future, like our Facebook page or send us an email to hello@kaleidopress.com for more details. Don’t forget to tag us or share any pics that you took on the night!