We are still buzzing from Kaleido’s launch event of the second issue. We had such a great night connecting with you all and hearing amazing advice and insights into the many different creative industries based in Sydney. The second time around we had a whole crew of fresh faces and perspectives from the creative community, a range of fun activities to participate in, talented industry speakers, amazing live music, art stalls, and a tummy full of yummy treats.

We set up creation stations run by our featured artists Sydney Collage Society and one of our resident creatives Charlotte Rose Hamlyn, where everyone was able to keep their hands busy throughout the night with collage making and a Super Lonely Mutant Girl colouring-in competition. Seeing everyone’s artwork displayed on our DIY gallery walls was just the added bonus.

We were lucky to host some inspiring industry speakers who shared their transformation experiences and tips on making the most of your journey into the next phase of your creative career.

Holly Kaye-Smith was the first to speak on the night, showing us just how many opportunities are hidden in our community, especially within a university’s environment. Holly scored a number of jobs within the film industry, including producing, hosting and scripting programs, all by getting involved with the UWS Production unit during her studies.

Next up was the Actress/Writer/Director Diana Popovska who wowed us with her long list of projects and collaborative efforts, reminding us that you can do more than you think possible with little to no funding, and the support of creative friends.

If you want to pursue your dreams, don’t get too good at your day job. You’ll never leave!

Keo Match came all the way from Newcastle to share his experiences as a trained graphic designer which soon transformed his passion for street art. He has turned his love for having some fun painting with mates into what all artists aspire to; learning new skills from your peers and essentially getting paid to do what you love.

Heath Davis, a passionate filmmaker, had us laughing the whole way through his background story despite him facing some serious challenges during his journey to success. Telling such relatable experiences with the fear of failure, we all feel more motivated than ever to stick to what you love.

We heard next from the talented Andrew P. Street who has worked as a journalist, columnist, editor and commentator with a number of influential companies. Andrew didn’t hold back on some of the honest realities of being a writer for a living, and kept everyone in stitches.

Our final speaker, Georgia Hill, showed us that a transformation in the way we work can ultimately shape our future. She never limits herself within her illustrative and typographic skills, and always finds herself experimenting with her mediums to create new outcomes.

Push what makes your work unique.

To entertain us on the night, we asked Anatole + Rory McKay and Lupa J to step in and provide us with some wicked beats and mesmerising tunes. Our Issue 2 cover stars Anatole + Rory gave us a combination of electronic music and projection art which lit up the stage, and Lupa J closed the night with their unique twist of classic violin and indie electronic music. Both based in Sydney, it was exciting to see what is happening with our upcoming music stars and everyone was in awe of the talent they possess. We cannot wait to follow the journeys of these two.


We also had DJs, and total babes, Tessellate filling the night with endless party tracks to keep us going.


Our art stall was in full swing, curated by the vibrant Alice Amsel, which gave the winning contributors of Kaleido Issue 2 the chance to sell their amazing artworks and creations on the night.

When we weren’t getting crafty or soaking up all the creative inspiration in the room, we were sipping on delicious Young Henrys beer and cider, nibbling on rolls from The Butcher’s Lunch and keeping warm with Rainbow Chai.

A new location run by COMMUNE was a perfect fit for the night, filled with wall to wall street art (including amazing pieces from Keo Match and Georgia Hill) and enough space to get comfy and cosy on the rugs or float from station to station.

If you missed out on the night, you can check out the full gallery here, and grab a copy of Issue 2 of Kaleido online.

Photography by: Liam Cameron, Sam Ali & Belinda Dipalo.

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