If you follow us on social media then you’ve probably heard us ranting about the amazing work coming out of the Parliament Zine Project. For those who haven’t, they are an awesome team of two talented ladies Charlie Tetiyevsky and Charlotte Rose who have teamed up with Parliament on King to open a zine and comic store. We are regulars at their shop (they stock amazing zines and prints, not to mention Issue 2 of Kaleido), so when we found out they were doing an Intro to Zines workshop at the Brand X Rizzeria Printer pop up as a part of the Draw, Make, Say, Think workshop series, we snagged ourselves some tickets quick-sticks.


An intimate workshop to learn the fundamentals of making a DIY zine and what goes into making a creative strategy within storytelling and book-making was the perfect event for a Sunday afternoon. Getting our hands dirty with all sorts of inks, pencils, pastels and textas, we set out to create a one-of-a-kind zine from the depths of our own weird imagination. 


The ladies wanted to mix it up a little when creating the zines. After we each wrote and drew the first spread of our zine, we continuously passed it onto the next person to add to it, as so on until the pages were filled, resulting in some very special Frankenzines.


The point of this workshop was to remind everyone that you can and should create whatever story you want! Zines have no limitations, so let the beautiful and wacky content flow! We had all sorts of stories, ranging from evil succulents plotting revenge, to a puppy/otter fusion animal trying to find his place in the world, to an existential crisis from a Snowman DJ. 


If you are really into zines or even make your own, get in contact with the Parliament Zine Project via Facebook or email them at parliamentzineproject@gmail.com