In this terrible climate of lock-outs, no open bottle-os after 10pm,  gentrification of live music venues into unskanky, not-so-sticky-floor, ‘respectable’ watering holes and a waning support from Local and Federal governments to support emerging arts practises, we find a single gem, Nauti Studios in Stanmore.

Let it be known, it is no small feat setting up a functioning and safe warehouse (legal or “legal”) that is affordable, close to town, flexible and supportive. These are sad days where some of the most well known hotspots have been forcibly shut down for redevelopment (towering apartments, oh yay) and those who have put years of their life into enlivening the Inner West and Sydney arts scene are foisted off elsewhere. A bleak outlook, to be sure.

Then comes along newcomer Nauti Studios on Parramatta Road in Stanmore. This is a warehouse you can linger out the front with your soggy cigarettes without stressed shooshing from the night’s event organiser (ahem), where you can stretch your legs, kick up your arms and move about (the dimensions of their space are incredible) or where you can hire a secure studio for your burgeoning arts practise.

Nauti Studios owner, Nat Cheney, has been in operation only this year, but things are taking off! Though the studio spaces are at capacity, Nat has been building and nurturing an open event space, to cater for up to 250 people and there are still availabilities left in this space till the end of the year. Think, floorboards, high ceiling, multiple toilets (always a winner), indoor boats, loveworn couches and a flock of diverse designers, artists, creators at the helm.

The pros: space, location, relatively unknown
The cons: noise restrictions, sound/AV/staging-free

If you are looking for a new event space, want to go to a drawing class, a motivation class, or simply suss out the new space for fun, do get in touch with Nat at Nauti Studios

Yours in uncovering the underground,

JR x