Creative ideas and insights for a better world.

What happens when you fill a room full of amazing creatives with different backgrounds and expertise, and ask them to share their even more amazing stories about their career and social change? You get one hell of an event that left the audience with an abundance of inspiration and motivation. Expanse came to Sydney at the end of November and blew our minds away with 12 guest speakers who brought their insights to the table. The event was run by Agency, a non-profit creative studio that focusses only on purposeful projects that promote a better world. Their team is run by passionate and creative people who only work with clients who embody their core values.

The whole point of the day was to remind everyone that we have the power to use our skills for something more worthwhile. No matter what skills they may be, it is important to find the balance between philanthropy and the corporate world. There will always be business objectives, but using your social skills to tie them together will help produce wins for both sides of the result.

The audience itself was refreshingly dynamic, despite being targeted at creatives it wasn’t limited to any particular skill set. We mingled with students, designers, activists, CEO’s, campaigners, anthropologists, entrepreneurs and more.

From a designers perspective, the speakers reinforced that there should be empathy in all design. You shouldn’t be designing simply to manipulate your audience, but rather to help direct change, especially change for good.

If we remain silent, design will go on without us…

The day was split up into panel breakout workshops related to design, business and activism, allowing the audience to choose which sessions to attend and taylor the day to best suit your individual passions. Each session was run by a different panel member, and the group was given time to ask questions or participate in the activities. Not only inspiring, but great practical advice was shared to help us achieve our career goals.

There were a few key points made from the day that really resonated with what Kaleido is all about, or at least hope to push further in the future with our publication and various projects and collaborations we have in planning. So here they are, scattered along with various snaps from the day.

Be brave; take measured risks.

Stand up for what is right.

Think outside the box; shake up the model a bit.

Find people who share your vision. Strengthen your values to make others care about the issue at hand.

Be 100% yourself.

Let us know if you would like to connect with us or have any amazing ideas on what Kaleido can collaborate on in the future in the hopes of building a stronger and more passionate future for creatives. You can look more into the event and speakers at the Expanse website.