Another Art Party (AP) gone and we celebrated all things women and the empowerment and embodiment of femininity and sassiness. Whether or not we choose to acknowledge this, we all have this balance of the femininity and masculinity. We need to accept that and get in touch with this duality of ourselves.

Flutter Lyon, once again pitched her tent in the Create or Die Studio ready to ink press the memories of the audience as part of her #500lives project. The Fluttersphere was a conglomeration of colour and confetti and the welcoming smile and warmth of Flutter Lyon as she greeted the audience.

Louisa Magrics, a croquet artist, weaved a few pieces that were on display in the Create or Die space. One of which, made the backdrop on the stage where the artists performed. She spent the night weaving bracelets for the audience to take as a souvenir to mark the Women’s Edition of AP.

Jessie Ray got things underway by talking to the audience about society’s expectation of what it means to be a woman and how a woman should conduct herself. Questioning the stereotype of being a woman and talking about how her father expected a woman to act and the strength of her mother, taking AP down to a personal and intimate night. Jessie came to the realisation that being a woman is about using the mind, intelligence, grace and foresight. For Jessie that is what being a woman is. And with that AP was welcomed for another month and the first performer was introduced.

Deb Morgan – Singer/Songwriter

There was an awkward endearment to Deb’s performance as she asked permission to remove her shoes while performing. A sense of comfort and ease could be felt as she vibrated warmth and a sense that you have known her for a long time. Her voice had a sense of vulnerability and accessibility, a woman who has experienced her share of loss and heartache and strength to keep going, never surrendering. She connected with the audience as they listened to every word that was sung and demanded more, as they understood what she was singing about, remembering the moment when they felt that way. A great start.

Emma Rose-Smith – Spoken Word Poet

Having had the pleasure of watching Emma perform at AP in the past, I was very much looking forward to her performance. Getting straight into it, she spoke about our vices and the things that we think we own. She spoke about consent and stepping over people’s boundaries and how she’s educating herself and learning from others. When Emma performs you know that you are in for belly of laughs and this was no different except when she caught the audience off guard and performed a poem titled, ‘The Coal Miner’. Her down to earth demeanour and sassiness made her popular with the audience, clinking their fingers, demanding more.

The Bad Bitch Choir – Acapella Choir 

The Bad Bitch Choir is made up of a group of sassy, talented women who can really sing and entertain. They have had a big year performing at TedX Sydney and singing on stage with Clare Bowditch. This was a mind-blowing moment that had to be experienced in person, relying on their voices and their bodies to make music and to captivate the audience. They had performed a brand new set and debuted a new original especially for AP. They were a hit with the audience, as they listened and cheered as they performed. If you are not familiar with The Bad Bitch Choir, look them up on YouTube and Facebook, you will not be disappointed.

Bella Fuego and friends – Prop manipulation and fire dancing

This performance marks the growth of Bella Fuego in her first choreographed fire and prop manipulation routine. These three strong women were drawing in the night sky with their flames. A secret language that only they understood as they manipulated, twirled and threw the props into the air. A mind-blowing moment that had to be witness in person as words doesn’t do this justice. Props were balanced on heads and spun, they were thrown amongst each other and working together to perform stunts that generated loud applause from the audience. The dragonstaff was lit and Bella performed a double dragonstaff act with a friend. Masters of the prop, they were the quintessence of strength and good balance of femininity and masculinity.

Nikki Steinfeld – Singer/Songwriter

Nikki has an album coming out soon, songs that tell her stories, small pieces of her life with a touch of the sentimental, be sure to check out her Facebook page for release date. There was something peaceful about her performance and the guitar. Nikki has this old school feel about her voice as she sang her stories and embraced the audience with her words. She sang a song in a foreign language that was quite transcending. There is a beauty in listening to a song and understanding that which may not be understood by many who don’t speak the language but how the voice has the ability to cross those boundaries.

Kali De Fleur – Grotesque Burlesque

The audience had no idea what to expect when Kali performed. The audience was warned to leave if they had a weak stomach and that added to the confusion, never has the audience been told to leave when an artist is performing. Kali performed to the song, ‘Hearts a Mess,’ by Gotye and it was very fitting. Her beautiful porcelain skin, her sassiness and a face that hinted of strength and a cheekiness as she knew what was to come. The audience watched as item after item was removed, cheering and enthralled as she drew the audience in with her eyes, luring them into a false sense of security. The audience were not expecting what was to come. With a smirk on her face, she began to rip out pieces of her flesh exposing the blood underneath. The collective gasp from the audience was priceless, some closed their eyes. Kali ended on her knees, the blood smeared all over her body and face, smiling, doll-like and hauntingly beautiful. Luckily Kali wasn’t hurt and it was only prosthetics but the effect was amazing.

Porcelain Alice – Burlesque

Porcelain Alice tried something completely new that is not your traditional burlesque performance, which was especially choreographed for AP. On stage, a large flat surface was placed onto the floor and on that pieces of broken glass. A true performer, Porcelain Alice worked the crowd, sassy and energetic and entertaining, the audience cheering as she went down into the splits. A second audible collective gasp form the audience was heard as she began to dance on the pieces of broken glass. Undeterred by any possible damage that could be done to her bare feet, getting down on her knees on the glass and finishing her performance unscathed. The audience loved it while others shifted uncomfortably.

Bella Fuego and Emily Embers – Fire manipulation and eating

Her second performance of the night was the Twin Snake Act with Emily Embers. The props were set alight and instantly the audience where hypnotised as the performers controlled and manipulated the fire, making it dance along their bodies, eating and sharing the flame, an illusion that was a hit with the audience. There was a strength and a sensuality to their performance, making it hard to look away just in case you might miss something. There was also a trust between them and with the audience, a live element is predictable, trust the performers that no harm will come to those who watch.

Madam Woo and Elise Graham – Female hip hop duo

Madam Woo and Elise Graham are the first female hip hop duo to grace the stage at AP and they did not disappoint. They got the audience up on their feet dancing to the beats that were dropped. Amazing storytellers, their words were full of emotions, it had meaning and a message and the audience recognised and connected with that. As a duo, they worked very well together, the rapping and the singing complimenting each other nicely. As the last minute addition to the line-up, they did an amazing job of ending AP for another month

For event queries/advice or to perform, get in contact with Jessie Ray and be welcomed into the AP family.

Art Party would not run smoothly each month without the volunteers and these fine people:

Create or die – giving AP a home each month

Tara O’Hehir – For the amazing Images

Bronsai Watkin – Filling in for the sound man, made sure everything on stage is rain smoothly

Jenna Tros – For the delicious curry