Art Party (AP) kicked off for another month at the Create or Die and once again the audience were in for a treat. The smell of the vegan curry that serenaded the senses as you walked into the creative space was a welcomed surprise and certainly got the taste buds watering on that cold night.

The audience got to participate in a drumming circle, Rendra Freestone was the instructor, showing us that he is a master of the drum. The workshop took the audience through a series of beats on drums that were provided. As the beat got going, the audience entered a state of trance, full of smiling faces, sweat and a combination of hums and wails, it was a great start to a night that promised many surprises.

Once again, Jessie Ray, the beam of sunshine at every AP, greeted the audience with a smile that radiated warmth, love and positivity. A great welcome for any AP newbie. She introduced the first performer of the night.

Nav K Samir – Spoken word Poet


The audience hung onto his every word. His words were like soldiers, full of emotion, intent and passion. Touching the hearts of all those who were present and listening, wiping the tears. His words were relatable and were accessible which made him a hit with the AP audience.

He spoke of a time full of war, of desert lands and entering this world and seeing only fire. He spoke of the hypocrisy of job hunting and the conformity within the workplace. He also spoke about racism that he experiences and the assumptions people make based on first perceptions.

Fallow Brooks – Singer/Songwriter


Fallow was joined on stage with Bronsai Watkins and a box drummer and together magic was created that had to be experienced in person. He has an amazing voice that only elevated the performance, he commanded the attention of the audience making it hard to look away. The violin was a hauntingly beautiful addition to his set.

Fallow sang a song with Alexis Scavita and their voices harmonised perfectly, emotional, powerful and sung with vulnerability. He dedicated a song to a close friend of the AP family who died in Nepal a year ago. The song was a way for him to cope with all the emotions and brought a few tears to the crowd.

The audience took part in the Rocking Om Hug, an AP tradition. There is something special that happens in that moment that is beyond anything you would have experienced. Connecting with a stranger in world that can be cold and lonely, is a beautiful thing.

Jessie Ray – Spoken Word Poet


Jessie described herself as an emotional monster full of clichés. With the warmth that she radiated it was difficult not to be hooked onto every word that came out of her mouth. A storyteller who constantly learns from her experiences that life throws her way.

She spoke of homelessness and our hardened hearts as we ignore those in need. She spoke about jobs and doing the things that we don’t enjoy. She spoke about the alienation and mindset and the pursuit of the unattainable, status quo and wasting money just to impress others. Finally ending her performance on a positive note and she spoke about a woman named Flo, making the audience laugh.

O.R – Artist Collective Band


Alexis started his set by talking about his experience with AP, the second AP that took place in a backyard with about 20 people in attendance. There is something beautiful about listening to music sung in a foreign language. Their voices really worked well together and you can tell that Alexis was in his element performing in front of an audience.  

The audience were up and dancing to some of his songs, encouraging the dancing and letting the audience which ones they could dance to. Alexis knows the power of his voice and his mastery over the guitar was amazing to see in person. He ended his set on an emotional note, singing a song that had a deep meaning to him, the audience were not disappointed.

Bella Fuego – Fire dancer and prop manipulator


Bella was a highlight of the night, incomparable and going off the gasps of the audience, very skilled at what her body knows how to do. The power and fluidity of her movements were hypnotic as she connected with the audience without losing momentum.

The dragon staff was lit and the audience were instantly enthralled, hooked on to her every move. Her control was amazing and her momentum never faltered. The flames drawing through the night air, making its presence known to the audience.

The audience wanted more of Bella, cheering and whistling and clapping loudly and she happily gave the audience what they wanted performing a series of improvised movements with a smile on her face.

Memphis Mae – Burlesque


Memphis Mae was named Miss Burlesque Australia. She entered the stage dressed all in pink and sequins and then the music starts and Memphis transform. An angelic face but as soon as the music started you can see why she has been garnering a lot of attention for what she does. Interacting with the audience as she slowly removes each item of clothing,

There is an intensity to her performance, attitude with a touch of vulnerability, letting the audience know she doesn’t care about what they think, ‘this is me and this is who I am whether you like it or not,’ giving the audience the finger, the audience loved every moment of it. Removing each item of clothing generated loud cheers from the audience, and then the bra comes off and she twirls the tassels on her nipples, the audience go wild, the vibrations of the cheers felt throughout the room, reverberating off the walls.

Dubarray – The greatest groover’s you’ve ever seen


Dubarray are a conscious world/electro/dub band combining fusions of house, trance, drum and bass, trip-hop and dub reggae. An experience that was uplifting and stimulating the mind and the body, getting the audience up on their feet dancing to the soulful, euphoric voice of the singer.

The vocalist had the ability to capture the emotion and the imagination of the audience. Performing in front of a backdrop of a kaleidoscopic display of colours and patterns that complimented the music being played and creating a surreal moment where the performers didn’t seem real.

The magic of Dubarray was something that had to be experienced in person, words do no justice to what happened that night. The audience feeding off the energy of the performers. Rendra Freestone joined them on stage on the drums, the atmosphere was electric as the audience cheered and whistled and danced. A great way to end the night of amazing performances.

The audience were encouraged to write down on pieces of paper the things they wanted to erase, remove, change, grow from and they attached it to a black metal stand with hooks. The audience gathered outside and the paper tree was doused with petrol and set alight. With the, any insecurities, worries and trouble the audience had at the beginning of AP was sent out to the universe, feeling much lighter. AP is all about acceptance.

For event queries/advice or to perform, get in contact with Jessie Ray and be welcomed into the AP family.

Art party would not be possible without the help of the beautiful people:

Create or die – Giving AP a home each month

Snappatronik Photography – For the amazing images

Aviel Peru – The sound man, making sure everything on stage is running smoothly

Jenna Tros – For the delicious vegan curry