If you think Mexican music is all Mariachi bands in Sombreros, think twice. In the north limit of the country, right in the famous Tijuana, hails a band that is taking the alternative Mexican music scene by storm, and making waves as far as Iceland.

Last September the band released their new LP called Perro verde y triste, meaning Green & Sad Dog, an album showcasing an impressive range of 90’s wave influences. The LP title itself is reminiscent of 90s cartoon Daria’s favorite TV show ‘Sick, sad world’ while the sound showcases the bands ‘Slowdive,’ ‘My Bloody Valentine’ & ‘Radiohead’ influences. Intriguing experimental forays into Afrobeat & Kraut music styles reflect the bands wide-ranging music taste

“There are other influences that aren’t as obviously reflected in the band’s sound, such as Silver Apples, Can, Broadcast, even Leonard Cohen. We add some hip-hop & a little electro. These influences seem so random but they help us expand & explore our sound”

For first timers, the best introductory songs to enter the world of Vaya Futuro are Auralado, Fisura and Manos. The band, however, have their own favourites, based on how the songs feel on stage and allow the guys to play with live organic improvisation.

“When we play Libélula, we extend it for almost 15 minutes, it’s our moment of freedom & experimentation, we get into a trance, and we actually never know how it’s going to end”.


Vaya Futuro flew to Iceland last year to work with Ben Allen at the legendary Green House Studios, after being selected by Converse Rubber Tracks to represent Mexico.

“We were touched by Iceland landscapes & weather. We really grew up as a band by having this opportunity to record and work with people outside the band.”


Live Photos by Daniel Patlán
Interview quotes by Luis Aguilar (Vocal & Guitar)