Twin Caverns are an up and coming dynamic duo hailing from the shores of Sydney. With recent airplay on JJJ and FBI they are sure to be the name on everyones’ lips by 2015. We were lucky enough to steal some of their time and have a little chat with Lou and Michael:

How did Twin Caverns form?

We came together through many mutual friends and the Sydney arts community in 2012/13. We also worked together for a time and that’s when we really started to record and collaborate together musically.

Whats the story behind your name?

Haha! We actually only wanted to called ‘Caverns’ originally. But then after much investigation, we found that a metal band in Portugal or Spain had that name! Also a prog rock band from NY as well. We’ve been asked by so many people if we are related or are twins – so that’s why we threw ‘twin’ in front.

How does the songwriting process work for you guys?

Usually Michael writes the music and guitar lines in his studio (aka bedroom)…Then he’ll send the track to me to start writing lyrics and melodies. Eventually it comes to a point where I will come in to record vocals and we flesh out the track whilst recording which can be pretty fun – rather than having everything pre written and calculated.

As an up and coming band what has been you biggest ‘wow’ moment so far?

Early on…probably a month or so after we released our 2nd track, NME magazine included us in one of their issues which was unexpected! We were pretty happy about that. Also playing at venues like Manning Bar and traveling to Canberra supporting the Kite String Tangle were some of our favourite shows.

Your songs have a really chilled, dreamy feel to them. How do you go about achieving your sound?

We like to have a really balanced mixture of electronic elements and natural acoustic sounds. We’re definitely a fan of reverb which translates really nicely to a dreamy feel.

Who are your top 3 musical influences and why?

Beth Gibbons and Portishead. They’re a big influence and especially because they are pioneers of trip hop and have that amazing mix of hard drums and soft delicate vocals.

Hermitude – They are one of the first Australian instrumental hip hop acts I fell in love with (along with Plutonic Lab and M-Phazes). But Hermitude really hit the spot with that electronic and hip hop mixture.

What advice can you give other up and coming musicians?

It’s a feels hard to give advice because we are still learning about the industry and are still finding our feet. But what we’ve learnt so far is that to be able to get your music out there and heard – you have to be as thorough with networking as you are devoted to writing songs.

We are so excited to have you performing at the Kaleido Launch Party! What do you have in store for us?

We will actually be playing our EP in full this time with maybe a sneaky cover in there as well!

What’s the future hold for, Twin Caverns?

We have an EP coming out early next year as well as working on a music video for one of our last releases. It’s been great fun so far and we can’t wait to show you!

You can catch Twin Caverns and the up and coming shows:

6/12/2014 Kaleido launch party, COMMUNE Studios Newtown. Tickets available:

11/12/2014 – Robin Hood Hotel w/ The Double Shadows

12/12/2014 – Civic Underground w/ Mansionair

and head over to their social media pages to find out more: