We all know how important to stay engaged as a designer, but we also know how things like work, your social life and bingeing on Netflix can get in the way. You might not have the time to muster up a new amazing project, but there are little things that us as creatives can do that take up only a small amount of time but result in a pretty awesome reward. So we have come up with the Kaleido Challenge, a series of fortnightly challenges that anyone can get involved in to spark up some much needed creative juices.

So how will these challenges work exactly? Well we will start each fortnight off, setting a theme and task that is easily achieved by you guys. We will first post a photo essay here on the site, and keep you all in the loop via Facebook and Instagram when a new challenge is starting. If you join in on the action make sure to share your pics on social media, tag @kaleidopress and hashtag #kaleidochallenge so we can keep an eye on your progress. We will pick a winner each fortnight, and some weeks we will have some special giveaways!

So here are the results of our first challenge! We chose to explore a local suburb and capture the colour red in a series of interesting images. It’s amazing what you can find when you are looking for something in particular. We started to visually analyse and reimagine our surroundings to try create something more artistic.

It was all about perception… someone might see your everyday red umbrella, but as a creative person you can see so much more. Here are our photos, what did you capture?