How to survive as a freelance Illustrator – The Final part.

Well here we are again and what a journey it has been! Thank you so much for joining me once more so I can throw words in your face, I truly appreciate it. And thank you Kaleido and your brilliant team, who believed that I might have some wisdom to give, I hope I have made you proud!

So we have reached the final stages in this little adventure and I have a few last words to share with you.

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And do it every chance you get. Carry a notepad or piece of paper with you, make scribbles when the inspiration arises, take notes of songs you hear that invigorate your artsy fingers and incorporate your unique creativity and style into everything you do.

I work part-time at a tiny little cafe, making coffee for wonderful locals, being regaled by magnificent tales and I also sell prints! I draw on coffee cups & display them around the shop, I create funny little coffee designs to put smiles on faces and it keeps me happy. By incorporating your work into things you do, you become more passionate about your craft. You get some much needed practice but you also satisfy your artistic needs. I highly recommend doing this!

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I hand make birthday cards for all my friends and family, ALWAYS! Every one I know has at least 5-7 of my cards and they will continue to receive these till my hands stop working, whether they love them or not. It may seem cheap to some. But I think a hand made gesture is a true gesture of love and appreciation. Taking the time to create something specifically for someone you care for is a truly rewarding experience and the gesture is usually received with warm regard.

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Want to make some clothes? Why not create your own fabric designs, print the fabric and get handy with a sewing machine. Wearable art, especially your own is a true pleasure to flounce around in! (and no chance of turning up wearing the same outfit as anyone else)

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Immerse yourself into your work and it will pay off in bucket loads of opportunities, adventures and wonderful moments. Do not be discouraged by anything and especially, do not be discouraged by yourself. Be true to your craft, be passionate, be wild, bold and daring. Experiment with all mediums and do not limit yourself. Give your self the chance to fully express your artistic self and never be afraid to put your and your work out there in the big, scary world. You may surprise yourself by what can occur.
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Love what you do and show the world what you love.

Thank you ever so much,

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