How to survive as a freelance Illustrator – Part 3

So you have now discovered your area of craft and you are exploring all the wondrous opportunities it supplies you with! You have your own unique style and are getting the recognition you have so well earned. You have a comfortable amount of commission work coming in and you are not over doing it. Big claps for you Sir/Ma’am.


Now its time to push yourself a little, branch out into areas previously unexplored by yourself, be daring and bold and experiment with your craft! I highly recommend meeting fellow artists and organising some collaboration work. Which cunningly enough, leads me to my next little advice tid-bit.


C O L L A B O R A T E.

Do it! You will learn so much and have a boat sized amount of fun! Collaborations are a perfect way to meet new artists, be motivated and test your own skills. Start out small if you wish, you could do Mr squiggle like drawings and send them to a pen pal, who will then turn your squiggles into some sort of majestic peacock, then vice versa. You could paint half a painting and get a friend to finish the rest, design a little clothing label together, or start some neat graffiti, paste-ups or stencil works as a collective.


Whatever you choose to do, take opportunities handed to you, meet some other creators and create something wonderful together.


At some point in your career you will want to do some sort of exhibition. It is going to happen, so just accept this and plan to do something about it! An exhibition is a wonderful goal to strive towards, whether you keep it small in a group show or go big and brave and do a solo show, you should definitely store away some ideas for your future exhibition. This is the moment you are allowed to creatively show yourself and your craft to the people! So make it special Dang it!


Find out as much as you can about the space you are being given to show your works, it might be big or small but either way you can use it to your advantage and turn your space into something special for your audience. Rather than just slappin’ a few pieces on a wall, perhaps you can construct some fun shelving or display units for your works that best show off your handy work. Have a bunch of your business cards on display for people to contact you or find you online with ease. And then mingle till your hearts content! Meet your audience, ask for constructive criticism, get feedback and learn how you can better your display for the next exhibition.


Enjoy your moment in the spot light, you have earned it you dandy little creator you!

Instagram: @rubyandwolf