Projection art has the ability to transform objects, architecture and atmospheres into something entirely different. It can play with the existing environment, using shapes, forms and shadows to create new realms. It can push the boundaries of technology and shared spaces, and design experiences through interaction. A medium which is expanding and evolving, projection art is an exciting area for creatives to explore.

At the Kaleido Launch, we were able to showcase some amazing artists throughout the night, and want to introduce them to you!

(Kaleido Launch, Rory McKay. See full event gallery)

Rory McKay

Rory McKay is a light artist from Sydney Australia. Using projection mapping he remixes and augments the world around him. At Vivid 2014 Rory formed Semaphor3, a collaboration performance, with live music (by Anatole), and live projection mapping onto a contemporary dancer. Other works created this year included light up crystals, projection mapping on street art and murals, and Vjing for bands and Djs such as Duke Dumont, Pantha Du Prince, Sticky Fingers, Safia, Deep Sea Arcade, Twin Caverns and heaps more. See more at

Splitrock – Semaphor3 / Anatole from Rory McKay on Vimeo.


Quannumthrow is an avid music junkie, photographer and video editor, who creates video art to be used as a backdrop for bands, DJ’s and installations. He’s recently dived into Modul 8 and Madmapper as well as 3d projection mapping. Over the years he has performed live video with a number of DJ’s, MC’s and bands in the District and in New York. He’s created music videos and is looking to build his portfolio and work with other around they world who have similar interests.  He also collaborates with his wife who is an interior designer through their textile company Casa Pino. You can see more of his video art work on instagram and get in touch at if you want to collaborate.

A video posted by Quannumthrow (@quannumthrow) on


Flying Blynd

Flying Blynd NY/LA’s creative duo FLYING BLYND met in 2004, when Greg Reitman & Alejandro Nieto worked together at a tech startup NYC. An instant bond was created over their shared passion for live music, even though their tastes were starkly different – Greg loved Jam bands, while Alejandro was primarily a death-metal fanatic. Greg moved west to LA in 2013. In the fall of 2014, the idea of a collaboration was born as a way for them to keep in touch. As a video editor, Greg has worked on projects ranging from documentaries to music videos, and Alejandro’s career in advertising has honed his storytelling abilities and developed his interest in audio experimentation. The combination of their areas of expertise led to the creation of FLYING BLYND which began as 15-second audiovisual stories on Instagram. 

  ‘Ashes to Ashes Dust to Dust’   A video posted by Flying Blynd (@flyingblynd) on

Laura & Sophie Hindes

Creative sister dream team Laura and Sophie put their collective talent together to build the incredible balloon installation on the launch night. Laura Jade is a Sydney based artist, currently completing her Masters in Illumination Design and working in her studio on a new body of work connecting light, art, science and the natural world. Sophie is a guru in balloon installation and event design, and together they make a pretty damn special display.

To check out more of Laura’s talents, see Laura Jade Artist on facebook and 

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