We are back for round 3, Pretty Shady – a photo journal of things that lurk in the shadows. Our very first Kaleido Challenge, Seeing Red, was all about capturing a specific element in the environment around you, producing some seriously cool images to share.

The scorching Australian sun is always leaving it’s mark on objects around us, so the challenge here is to take photographs of any visually interesting shadows you come across. The point of all our Kaleido Challenges is to keep your mind in the game, being creative even on your morning walk to the bus stop.

Or make a day of it! See how the light hits objects at different times of the day. Don’t forget your sunscreen.

To get involved, share your pics on social media and #kaleidochallenge and tag us at @kaleidopress so we can keep up to date with all your amazing shots. We will share our favourites of the fortnight.