Lisa Caruso is a up and coming singer, song writer from Sydney with a promising future. I was lucky enough to steal some of her time and here’s what she had to say:

What drew you to music?

I’ve always loved to sing. Dad was a drummer in a wedding band when I was growing up.. maybe it stemmed from then! I actually dreamed of being a wedding singer as a kid. That or a pastry chef, or a dinosaur.

What genre would you describe your music?

Alternative/folk. There’s a lot of sub-genres in there, like most music, but I’d say my roots are in folk and 60s pop. I’m a sucker for a sweet personable vocal, and I love instrumentation that makes you discover new parts on the 4th and 5th listens. Lyrics are super important too!

Who are the 3 main artists that have influenced you?

I should move to Canada. If I could name 10, more than half would be Canadian. The top 3 I have obsessed over are Leonard Cohen, The young Wainwrights, and Feist. Ok that’s four.

What has been the highlight of your musical career so far?

Hearing my debut single being played on a few national radio stations has been pretty great. Getting over a chronic sinus infection is up there too. Noone likes to sing with a blocked nose past winter and spring.

You have just released a video for your single ‘I Will Be’ how did that song come to be and what was the creative process like for the video?

‘I Will Be’ is one of the younger songs on the EP that I have written. It kind of just wrote itself once I got started. There must have been a bit of romance in the air. Was feeling pretty nostalgic and loved the idea of repetition to enforce some of that angst.

Making the video was a heap of fun! Huge ideas were tossed around for story and setting. I got a little carried away with wanting ballrooms and choreographed dancing. But once we found a great space, I liked the idea of keeping it simple and intimate.

How you do go about finding inspiration for new material?

I like to randomly pick up my guitar and see what comes out. If that fails, I leave it for another day and come back to it once I’ve been out and about. I’m an extrovert that can’t sit too still for too long with a guitar in my lap. Give me ten minutes and I’ve made another trip to the kitchen to find another reason to procrastinate. I need to be in the mood. My favourite songs are the ones I haven’t laboured over.

What advice would you give other creatives out there that want to make music their career?

I think you just have to really want it and be willing to make it happen. If you love something so much, you’ll always be drawn to it. I’m a big believer in doing. It’s different for everyone, but I don’t think it can be forced.

What has been your biggest struggle so far, and how have you worked to overcome it?

That sinus infection. Hah, nah. I didn’t anticipate just how much work releasing music was going to be! People warned me but I was like ‘yeh yeh.. I got this’. Meanwhile, I’m on the phone to my sister whinging about how I came to becoming a rookie manager, promoter, IT professional, and an events co-ordinator (amongst other things). Much appreciation now for Independent Artists. In saying that, I have been very lucky to have worked with incredible musicians and a producer who has definitely taken a lot of the load off. It’s really not that bad, you just gotta suck it up and drink more coffee.

Tell us about your new EP ‘Take a Walk’ and the launch happening at Gingers on October 26th

Very exciting. I’ve been working on arrangements a while now with my guitarist Daniel Babekuhl. We’ve been gigging with my original material for quite some time. When I finally decided to get serious about recording, I was lucky enough to team up with Producer Adam Alexander who has done an incredible job in helping deliver each one of the tracks true to their original sentiment. They’re all quite different and unique in their own way but have a Lisa Caruso stamp that I’m real proud of.

The Launch is going to be a big one. A real show. Backing vocalists and Horns and all. Supports from the incredible Andy Golledge and Katie Whyte. And I’ve made it at a decent time on a school night. Looking forward to it. Going to be a treat.

Hurry and get your tickets for Lisa’s launch at Gingers:

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