There are two types of people in this world, those who sit back and watch as others try to deal with the injustices in the world and those who take a stand and take action and say enough is enough, it’s not just a one person problem it’s all of ours.

Ace the Amara is taking a stand along with Bati Graves and is launching music that encourages and inspires social change, music with a message. Bati Graves’s first single, Bleeding Earth is due to be released on the 1st of May.

‘The name Ace the Amara represents a duality within myself, a duality of light and dark and it also represents a transcendence of time,’ Ace said.

Ace the Amara is classically trained in the flute from the age of four. Enthused by the unconventional she began running her flute through distortion pads and including it into everything that she does.

She is known for her part in Serpent of the She (SS) an industrialized upsurge whose sound oscillates between dub-step breakdowns and heavy rock riffs, heavy guitars, lots of distortions, lots of synths, monstrous bass, vocals and honest lyrics.

Inspired by her Polynesian-Australian roots, she gives a voice to those that don’t usually have that opportunity, and touches on the lack of positive representation of culture.

‘I actually started writing songs because it was a way to put my words into something, which I found difficult, because when I write it’s very high abstract, I don’t like sentences that make sense,’ Ace said.

‘The reason I started singing was because I wanted to sing my own songs, I hunted and hunted for a singer to sing my songs, but something sounds very raw when it’s coming from the source, no matter what it is.’

Ace the Amara found her voice when she realised that being authentic is the only way to connect with her listeners. Drawing from real life, listening for triggers that intrigue her or that touch her emotionally, usually gets her creativity flowing.

‘Then I will write a stream of consciousness and I will pull that into something that makes more sense and has more rhythm. And then I will take that to logic, a music program and begin to lay it down,’ Ace said.

‘That’s the whole thing with creativity, you have to be flexible and things are never going to be exactly what you think. Usually the song ends up completely different to what you thought in your mind and you just have to be okay with that.’

Ace the Amara is teaming up with Prolifik the Gifted to collaborate on a project titled, Bati Graves. Releasing music for social change, Ace believes that is the purpose of art. But for a long time Ace did not know what to do with her musical talent which affected her creativity.

‘It was only when I realised that I could link my music to something that was actually meaningful, that was beyond me, that I really wanted to do it and really pursue it,’ Ace said.

‘Once you have this passion burning in your heart for something that is beyond you, your creativity just flows.’

Ace’s collaboration with Prolifik, a beat maker, began over a year ago. She was encouraged to meet him to see if they had a synergy and they hit it off instantly.

Straight away they just started writing. Ace felt that they both had similar issues that they wanted to explore through music and this resulted in the birth of Bati Graves.

‘If you could stick a microphone into the gravesites of the warriors, that’s Bati Graves. It’s all about connection to past, to culture, to each other, to what’s happening right now in the world,’ Ace said.

‘And we do this through music, through art. Bleeding Earth is emotional, it’s raw because it’s about our planet and it’s the reality we’re all living.’

Bati stands for warrior and Graves means amplified. Ace the Amara is giving a voice to the voiceless, to the ancestors of the past and exploring what that means through her music.

‘I think it’s about listening to the old traditions, listening to their stories and to the past and to cultures,’ Ace said.

Like all creatives, we know about the importance of being authentic and finding your true voice. Ace the Amara knows about the significance of being yourself, stating that the audience are not there to see the performer but are there for the music, for the message.

‘I try to be as raw as possible, I say it how it is, be honest, I get hurt, but you get hurt with dignity and you hurt yourself, take risks and I turn things down,’ Ace said.

‘I realise that it’s not about me, the majority of what we say and feel is about ourselves. It’s really important to work on yourself that’s the biggest part of being an artist, because it’s so easy to fall down.’

‘You see depression and anxiety rates are humongous, you are putting yourself out there, you are putting yourself out on a stage to be looked at, you are putting yourself out for judgement and criticism.’

Bleeding Earth, is the first single that is going to be released by Bati Graves. It’s a love song to the earth, highlighting the devastation of our planet and the cultural and socio-political issues facing modern society.

It’s a big track, its dynamic combining acoustic and electronic instruments into a framework of complex scoring and harmonic structure added to this a simple pop hook that builds into a rap.

‘It’s not about being political or an activist. It’s about survival, it’s about our basic human right to live and about everyone fighting for freedom, we live in such a time that it calls us to take a stand’ Ace said.

‘We chose Bleeding Earth because it’s a big track, I can involve a lot of people and it’s a love song to the earth which is the greatest lover really. It keeps on giving and we take, take, take and essentially that’s how we treat people.’

The track is going to be launched on the 1st of May, and 107 projects in Redfern has kindly given Bati Graves their awesome space. It’s a big launch that will include cultural exhibit giveaways, merchandise and many other interactive things.

The Bleeding Earth video will be played on a large projector on the surround sound system. The Honorary Consul Louise Waterhouse Consulate General of the Kingdom of Tonga will open the event.

‘We will hear from Sea Shepherd Australia who will come to support the event and the project and they are really excited, they will honour the environment. Then we will have the Greens NSW representative show their support,’ Ace said.

‘There will be hair braiding and mat weaving it’s going to be a big night. There will also be some amazing music from Foreigndub who will play some amazing reggae music. Prolifik the Gifted will get on the deck and lay down some awesome beats.’

‘I really thought long and hard about whether I should perform. I wanted to open it as a collaboration, a stage for everyone, I didn’t want it to be about me,’ Ace said. ‘This is about everyone.’

Ace wants her message to be heard, for her listeners to witness and be inspired by the authenticity behind Bati Graves, regardless of whether it’s liked or not.

‘I really hope people see it as an example, especially young people, that when you’re doing what you want to do and when you are called to do it you are free,’ Ace said.

Another thing Ace realised was important throughout her process, was that in connecting to her culture she realised how different gender is over there, in regards to strong, warrior women. Ace has been given a platform through her music to be a role model for young people.

‘I’m always kind of the rat bag, but you know it’s amazing to think that I could have an opportunity to provide young people with the idea of a women, that’s strong that doesn’t have to shake her arse, which I love to do, but it is not who I am, it doesn’t define me,’ Ace said.

Ace the Amara has a huge year ahead of her, a creative one. Releasing new music with SS, Bati Graves and hopes to release some solo music. She has the Bleeding Earth project launch coming up and other launches to look forward to with her next single being either Inside or Let it be.

Ace hopes to collaborate more and bring more individuals into her upcoming projects. She is also in a choir, The Bad Bitch Choir and hopes to get them in on one of her tracks.

‘We are all light and dark, it’s nice to have a platform to get out different things, you can’t restrict yourself you know, I think people are very scared of their darkness,’ Ace said.

To find out more about Ace the Amara and all her other projects and upcoming releases, visit her website which has links to her Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and more.

Ace the Amara is open to collaboration, so get in touch with her, whether you are a beginner or not and you just might find yourself in her recording studio recording your first track.

‘If you are thinking about doing a project think about people who are not represented and pull them in, get them involved. Music and art is a way to expose those things. There is no game, that is all an illusion, speak from the heart,’ Ace said.