Seize the Moment with Janne Willems
Seize the Moment with Janne Willems
The Creative Fringe

For 16 months Janne Willems traveled the world with markers, empty postcards and one question:

Do you want to draw a beautiful moment?

She would just walk up to strangers to ask them this question. In trains, public squares, bars, basically everywhere. Over 7000 people in 28 countries drew a beautiful moments.

What happens if you walk up to strangers and ask them about happiness? What makes a moment beautiful? Which differences and similarities are there between the beautiful moments from Denmark, India and Australia?

This talk dares you to savour beautiful moments – big and small – in your life and that of others. A celebration of people, courage and beauty in the world. Janne searched for 1000 moments per continent. Now you can enjoy this extraordinary journey with impressive stories at The Creative Fringe on March 31st.

About Janne Willems

Janne is a Netherlands-based social artist who embarked on a world trip asking people to draw a beautiful moment and find out the differences and similarities between the beautiful moments from around the world.
7,000 beautiful moments and 26 countries later, Janne has spoken at TEDx and written a book documenting her journey.

She has studied cognitive artificial intelligence, cognitive neuroscience and graduated with distinction in Philosophy and now advises on creative projects and how to bring communities together.

View her TedX talk, and grab yourself a ticket to hear her experience first hand.