The golden 21st century career adage is “choose a job that you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”. While this attitude is admirable, it is not realistic. Some days are always going to feel like work, and that is OK. What is more important is aligning your occupation with your personal values so that the hard yards feel like they are worth it.

In this talk Samantha Hornitzky will discuss techniques for cultivating a positive mindset for those off days (or months) and why it is important to challenge negative core beliefs to be successful. Work is not something that sits separately from the rest of your life so why will the hours to go by faster?

Samantha is a digital user experience designer, writer and artist. She is a passionate advocate for mental healthcare and gender equality, especially in the workplace.

In 2014 she launched “Happiness in the Creative Industry” for Kaleido, that aims to empower people to make fulfilling career choices – which you can catch up on here –

Samantha has produced creative for clients in the finance, healthcare, electronics, B2B, FMCG, fashion, clubbing and e-commerce industries, for start-ups and large organisations. Clients include Barangaroo, ING Direct, Panasonic, Woolworths, UBank backed by National Australia Bank, Bonds, Luxottica, Motorola and University of Technology Sydney

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Date: 24 November, 2016
The Creative Fringe
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Jamisontown (Penrith)

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