Opening 31st August, 6pm – 8pm
Stacks Projects
191 Victoria Rd, Potts Point

Our existence is saturated in images and through these images the world at once takes shape and loses its substance. Through our consumption and accumulation of these images, we attempt to define our reality. As we get further sucked into this visual vortex, we grasp for those image fragments that stand out, for their familiarity or even their horror. Here the line between humour and tragedy; reality and dream slips and slides, here lies collage. Through its recontextualisation of images, collage has the capacity to tap into the collective memory; the subconscious, it can celebrate randomness and the beauty of happy accidents or impose order on chaos. Within the practice of collage there is infinite variation.

Sydney Collage Society presents a group show, featuring 10 artists working in and exploring the possibilities of contemporary collage. Each artist has developed a unique approach to their art making, whether it be in form, concept and or process which move beyond cut and paste collage.

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