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 4-5 November,
Sydney Opera House

Returning for its sixth year this November, GRAPHIC is a festival that celebrates the art of graphic storytelling, animation and music at the Sydney Opera House.

NOV 4 –
Matt Groening: Secrets of the Simpsons, and a Couple of Milhouse Fun Facts

NOV 5 –
Matt Groening & Lynda Barry Love, Hate & Comics
George Lucas’ THX 1138 Live Scored by Asian Dub Foundation

NOV 5: Free Talks –
Michael Leunig
Brandon Graham
Felix Colgrave: In Conversation with Greg Sharp & Alex Grigg
First Dog On The Moon
State of the Nation: Local Comics Safdar Ahmed, Alisha Jade, James Andre & Sarah Howel

NOV 5: Free Films –
SPECIAL EVENT: For the love of Neil Gaiman free screenings of ‘Likely Stories’ ‘Dream Dangerously’ + Neil live via satellite
Chris Ware Collection
Moebius Redux
Alan Moore Show Pieces
Neil Gaiman free screenings of ‘Likely Stories’ ‘Dream Dangerously’
Collection of Shorts: Bill Plympton, Tony Millionaire and Neil Gaiman