To connect social movement makers across disciplines and areas of activism to exchange models, ideas and methodologies to generate greater participation and networks for support.

‘Speakers’ are people to facilitate certain experiences and ideas that audiences will be interested in. They are about talking through models of practice but also creating conversations. It is imagined these sessions would have introductory frames/questions and then 2 – 3 presentations facilitating groups around certain topics and experiences. These forums are focussed on skills sharing and outputs. They should end with a session on the value of coming together nationally, what the sector would like an arts agenda for 2018 to look like and what we need to commit to (outcomes) to make this happen.

These about developing a 2018 Strategy for the Arts and to inform summit topics.

Thursday 6 July
Firstdraft Gallery
13-17 Riley St, Woolloomooloo NSW 2011