This is an art event worth clearing your credit card for. ONE:Sydney – Art Exhibition & Auction will feature artwork donated by Sydney’s best and brightest artists with all profits going toward the Asylum Seeker’s Centre. Bringing the community together through art and expression to raise $5000 in support of the Asylum Seeker’s Centre and their vital work.


Seemingly unending, global crises have made Australia a sought after destination for people who are escaping war, poverty, persecution, famine and a vast range of other humanitarian issues. This global epidemic has given us, as Australians, the opportunity to demonstrate our humanity.

Unfortunately our government does not see the plight of our brothers and sisters seeking refuge, favourably. This leaves many people that arrive on Australian shores stranded in sub-human conditions.


Thankfully the Asylum Seeker’s Centre, based in Newtown, is working to make a positive difference in the lives of thousands of people, year after year who arrive in Australia seeking freedom and safety. The ASC supports thousands of people who are on the verge of being homeless, have no government support and no recognised rights in Australia. The ASC supports their clients in finding accommodation, financial aid, legal advice, health care, counselling, employment, education, nutrition as well as social support.


Their amazing work is entirely funded by charitable grants and donations. On the 9th of Aug, we’re going to come together as a community, and take decisive action to make a positive change in our world. We’ll do this by supporting the Asylum Seeker’s Centre in their mission to welcome, support and pursue social justice for asylum seekers.

So get ready for a night of entertainment and inspiration from performances by Sydney’s most conscious and revolutionary musicians, poets and performing artists. Enjoy amazing food and be satisfied, as the evening will be abundant with amazing food and drink.