Bringing people together to have a conversation about their creativity is often a daunting experience. ‘Networking’ I think they call it in the world of suits and day old plunger coffee. But when it comes down to it, strip back the forced introductions and repeated spiels about where you’re working and the weather, networking is just meeting new people, making some sort of connection and maybe swapping some deets.

On Tuesday April 28th, Kaleido collaborated with OKYO to put on Just Drinks meets Kaleido at COMMUNE. I can happily say no awkward or forced introductions were present, but instead what turned out to be a fun, creative and collaborative event. OKYO has been running Just Drinks since Febuary, once a month to bring together and build relationships within the creative world. Sounds like someone we know right? So it only seemed fitting that we were the perfect match for a collaborative event. Supported by our mates Young Henry’s, who kept the bevvies flowing all night, we encouraged people to bring a friend and a piece of A4 work (art, poetry, whatever you wanted!) on the theme of CONNECT to the event to make a self curated DIY gallery. It was a “creative refreshment after work” (Nic) where people were able to come together to unwind in a relaxed, accessible and affordable (holla poor creatives!) space.


We also set up a crafty corner on the night with the essentials of pom poms, glitter glue, and pipe cleaners and more to build on the present creative energy in the room and as a result made talking to your crafty pal sitting next to you, easier. The response from the crafty corner was greater than anything I expected. I was amazed at the work people were creating on the spot, UNDER PRESSURE (queue Queen). I think Damien summed it up pretty well “People are going nuts for it. Sit down at the table and go at it. Totally rad, so awesome”. Indeed, it was, totally rad. The night ended with an art swap, kind of like blind dating but with art. Where attendees were able to choose a piece of work on the wall they loved and then able to meet and have a conversation with the brains behind it.


It’s so important that creative people find opportunities to get together in a space that is comfortable and inspiring. Not only does this potentially build your network but hey, you can make some really cool stuff too. The night can be summed up by a perfect quote I heard on the night about the benefit of the event of how she “Talked to lovely individuals. Is there anything better than craft and beer in the same place?!” Thank you Lee, and for the great loves we share.

Check out some of the awesome photos from the night below or head to our Facebook gallery.
Images by Sam Ali and Michaela Parry

If you loved your time at COMMUNE and want to #bepartofsomething, head to their pozible campaign now to get involved in the next exciting instalment.