There are a few special events that take place each year which every self-respecting and self-employed artist MUST attend for the sheer richness of inspiration, networking and connections that can be made! Dragon Dreaming 2014 is one of those events!

Dragon Dreaming is a multi-disciplinary festival which takes place over 4 days, from the 24th to 27th of October, on a rural property near Yass, ACT.

It is hard to articulate precisely how life-changing this festival and other similar events are. To put it frankly, unless you’ve been to a doof or a ‘transformational gathering’ or a ‘tribal gathering’, then you’ve probably not seen or been privy to this subculture.

In order to push the boundaries as an artist, our generation needs to look further afield for opportunity and creativity.

Furthermore, as our generation seek new ways to celebrate music and art, and to attain higher levels of consciousness and community, these gatherings provide the perfect environment for each goal.

Though this festival itself is an event, I have included it in my column as it provides the space for collaboration, meeting of minds, inspiration, real commercial opportunity and national networking. Before I learned about doofs and transformational festivals, I yearned for a more integrated Sydney, that worked with artists from other cities instead of being in competition against them. I wanted an environment where I could create my style of art, in nature, to killer live music. I wanted a space where I felt safe to go deeper into my ‘consciousness-raising’, where I could tap into my artistic nature and have it celebrated. This is exactly what I found upon entering these festivals and I have been addicted to the energy and community ever since.

If Dragon Dreaming is not yet in your calendars for 2014, add it now and get your tickets online! If you seek time in nature, stomping out city-anger, many many hugs, circus sideshows and fire-twirlers, then come along, immerse yourself in this heart-opening experience and who knows, you may come out of it with a collaboration in mind!

Yours in Doofing Dreams,
JR x