Almost two years ago to the day, a bunch of raggedy musicians and amateur artists huddled together in a small Newtownian backyard, over a shared dinner of dumpstered pumpkin soup and toast, milk crates for chairs, beards for warmth and obscenely talented art at their fingertips, waiting to spill out. I recall intimate poetry nights becoming the catalyst for immense philosophical conversations that would span weeks, and spiracular conversations that only ever seemed to evolve, not resolve. There was a folk singer, two drummers, a magician and a painter and from this mix, came the idea for Art Party, a grassroots movement of artists for artists, to create a platform of shared expression, opportunity, exhibition and community.

This coming Friday, 19th September, Art Party celebrates it’s two year anniversary having travelled far and wide with the simple ideology that everyone is welcome to share, and good art is there to be appreciated. Art Party toured up and down the East Coast of Australia twice in it’s first year, has an ambassador in St Petersburg Russia who has held four Art Parties, there have been intimate parties held in Kenya, India and soon, Indonesia, and there are no signs of slowing down yet. What does all this amount to, you might ask? World domination, clearly.

Also, for those not of the megolomaniacal mindframe, connectivity. The creators of Art Party had a vision that one day, there would be an Art Party in over 20 major cities worldwide, happening concurrently, whereby they could map how many people were consciously connecting through their own initiatives, hugs, music and poetry. Moreover, the founders found that interstate and international Art Parties and performers began to leverage off one another through travelling artists, additional collaborations or fusion performance – in this way, an international community is born.

Unfortunately we now exist in a world where the arts are so consumerised, where an artist is a dime a dozen, has no special relationship with their audience and nothing could be so demoralising to an artist than irrelevance or an uncaring audience. Art Party hoped to change that and create a sacred space for artists and audiences to recreate a magic ambience together.


Two years on, Art Party has welcomed Canadian artists Faye Blais, and C. R. Avery, US poet Buddy Wakefield, Indo-Pacific groovers the Rhythm Hunters, Aussie burlesque sensation Betty Grumble, blues artist Genevieve Chadwick and Aussies Wild Marmalade to play on their humble stage along our local up and comers. They have also had the privilege of supporting local acts into their maturity over the last few years, such as Golden Orb, Little Hart, Twin Caverns, Son of Sun,  Porcelain Alice, Semaphor3, Daniel Spade, and more, not to mention business partnerships with local designers, photographers and sole traders such as Natasha Mulhall Photography, Samantha Hornitzky’s Graphic Design and Samara Huntley’s fashion design.

This Friday is a big fuck-off party for everyone to recognise how far we have all come as a community in only two years, how significant our friendships and partnerships, how much positive creative energy is in the collective pool to draw from and how we can effect change through our arts.

We are looking forward to welcoming Optic Soup on board for visual art, raising some money for women’s shelters with delicious foods, dancing like madmen to a variety of kickass, original bands, hugging friends over the ocean and dreaming up the possibilities for the year ahead.

Come and hug, kick your heels up, get your urban tribal on and connect with like minded, open hearted individuals. Pre-sale tickets have sold out for Friday’s event but there are limited tickets on the door. For more information, see the Facebook page – 

Here’s to sharing good art, starting up a conversation, lending your ears to an artist and letting them borrow your heart momentarily.

Peace x Love x Art x