Our latest Kaleido excursion saw us cozying into the beautiful Ambush Gallery for the 2016 Curvy Conference, which also happens to mark their 10 year anniversary. The two day event paid homage to some of the incredible leading ladies in the Australia’s creative industries, in conjunction with a beautifully curated exhibition from various female artists, designers and photographers.

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Day One – Volcom School of Cool:

Day one absolutely lived up to it’s name. Presented by the Head of Creative at Volcom, Kimberly Reynolds, the panel boasted a line up of insanely talented women including typographer Gemma O’Brien, illustrator Rachel Ponygold Urquhart, content producer and director Emma Morris, head of Sticks and Stones agency Ainsley Hutchence, creative director and stylist Jana Bartolo, actress Tessa De Josselin and tattoo artist Lauren Winzer. All eight women shared their diverse journeys into their creative fields, their biggest challenges, their achievements and their shared deep obsession with their craft. It was so easy to see the passion and countless hours of hard work that underpinned all of their successes, and it was incredibly refreshing to have their honest journeys stripped back to relatable experiences.



The panel was followed by a talk and hand lettering workshop from Gemma O’Brien tackling brush pen calligraphy, alongside the chance to see Rach Ponygold’s artistic process unfold as she hand painted a gorgeous denim jacket to be won by a lucky member of the audience*.



Day Two – Future of Creative Content:

If day one wasn’t enough, day two delved into the future of content creation, and what the boundary-breaking women in the industry have done to ensure their brand is seen in haze of never-ending content and competition. Being a part of such a content heavy society across social media, radio, blogs, publications and various other digital platforms, how do we amplify our creative businesses to make them stand out? And how do we ensure that the market keeps up with changes to content consumption?

Mediated by total boss lady Kate Edwards, day two’s panel was made up of founder and CEO of Wink Models Taryn Williams, travel photographer Lauren Bath, Head of Fashion IMG Emily Weight, Head of Editorial at Pedestrian.tv Vanessa Lawrence, marketing and brand consultant Fiona Killackey, creative director of Pixel Palace Jen Jeavons, radio presenter Linda Marigliano and Editor in Chief of Frankie Press, Jo Walker. The intimate Q&A sessions not only highlighted the work and experience of these incredible women, but overflowed with insights into how much has changed in content creation, where digital and print content is heading, and dealing with some of the roadblocks experienced by women at the top of their fields.


There was so much information and inspiration to walk away with, and here were some of our favourite takeaways from the day:

  1. It’s important to give a voice to a diverse range of people, and ensure that stories are being told by minorities who aren’t represented.
  2. Self driven content is important to keep the voice authentic, so information is not always curated through a middle class white tone of voice.
  3. Collaboration, swapping skills and bartering can make all the difference to get yourself set up
  4. Platforms aside, storytelling will always be the most important part of content creation.
  5. Surround yourself with people who are better than you, and raise up other women around you rather than pulling them down.
  6. Be PROUD of what you are doing. Women are too quick to focus on losses, and not celebrate their wins.


The team at Curvy and Volcom put together an extremely thought-provoking and stimulating event, which truly highlighted the abundance of female creative talent we have in Australia. We have huge respect for all of the#bossladies who have carved their careers into the successful brands that they are today, and we can’t wait for the next Curvy instalment.

Make sure you stay tuned with Kaleido in the next couple of months, as we have some exciting female focused projects in the works!

(Can we also hear it one more time for this jacket?!)