This is a preemptive get out of the house! Something we want you to get the chance to see for yourself rather than read the review.

“People want a street angel. They want a saint but with a cowboy mouth. Someone to get off on when they can’t get off on themselves.”

Originally written in 1971 by Sam Shepard and Patti Smith, ‘Cowboy Mouth’, is an iconic theatrical play that is coming to Hibernian House this April, one of Sydney’s creative treasures.

Directed by the legendary, Arky Michael, and featuring a cast of three new and upcoming stars, Nicholas Denton, Diana Popovska and Jonny Hawkins, ‘Cowboy Mouth’ is set to be one this years most thrilling independent theatre plays to see.


Arky Michael, the director, says “This is a very exciting show to direct, and one which a lot of people can appreciate”. The underlying desperation felt by the two main characters in the play exemplifies the current political and social climate that many Australians have find themselves in, making this play very relevant to our times. Tackling these themes surpasses all notions of what it means to create theatre that is brave and electrifying, which is exactly what the cast is setting out to do.

An avid supporter of independent theatre, lead actor Diana Popovska says, “We must create and produce our own work, and we must support each other to do so if Australian independent theatre is to stay relevant and survive!”

Each show, filled with raw, shocking and hysterical material, is set to put Australian independent theatre back on the map.

‘Cowboy Mouth’ kicks off on April 22nd and runs through til May 1st. To support independent theatre for yourself, and catch the exciting show, you can grab tickets from the Trybooking website.