Marrickville’s best-kept secret must surely be the farmer’s markets on Sunday at Addison Road Community Centre, where from 10am-3pm you’ll find any number of bohemians, performers, artists, burlesque dancers, local pancake-makers, and artisans, ersatz-goods Sunday sculptors and so on nursing hangovers together in the sun, crawling to the fritter shop and back again, wafting through the day in a daze smiling.

Although I am pretty darn fond of my Sunday ritual among these vital and shiny souls of the Inner West underground, I’ve always wished for something a little more lively to bring out the colours of such creative folk.

Thanks to Dean Ginsberg, one of the masterminds behind Train Tracks, Sydney is about to receive its latest installment of alternative art, community, performance and markets. Enter, stage left, our newest cultural institution, The Bohemian Bazaar.

Had a quick chat with Dean before the first installment of this epi-centre of cultural goodness touches down and what his thoughts are on art, colour and bringing this to Marrickville.

What’s your biggest artistic pet peeve?

A constant wave of doubt, second guessing and obsessive compulsive behavior that goes hand in hand with creating anything.

Have you ever seen a shooting star?

I did see a shooting star… Actually 2, just the other night at the beautiful Psyfari.

What’s your favourite colour?

The only choice I could confidently make is white… The beautiful collaboration of all the other colours to create something so pure and powerful.

With this poetic line in mind (you fox!) it should be clear to see that Dean is a man with his mind on collaboration and community and what can be achieved with a strong focus on both within the arts world. Drawing from the success of the Addison Road Farmer’s Markets, various local mixed-art gigs and noticing that there is further opportunity to support local artists Dean will be bringing the Bohemian Bazaar to the fine people of the Inner West.

The first instalment takes place on Saturday 20th September, featuring some killer acts such as Wild Marmalade, Keyim Ba, Nic Cassey, Takadimi and Los Cuervos, along with a chaibrary (A Chai Library), a series of artists selling their wares, artisans with jewellery, knitwear, ceramics, wind-chimes and more, along with circus side shows, live performance, dancers and your fine selves.

This is an event not to be missed. For once, there’s a decent artist’s festival within one of the best artist-run initiatives in Sydney, Addison Road Community Centre. For once, it’s on a Saturday and thus we can boogie into the night without Monday-fears coming to get us. For once, it’s cheap (i’s a $5 festival!), with solid quality performance (Wild Marmalade just returned from their European Festival tour at Boom/Ozora) and for once, it’s the first time we get to sit in anticipation of this new monthly festival. I wonder who we will meet..? I wonder where these glorious days will take us…?

In case you missed the memo, come to Addison Road Community Centre on September 20th at 10am. Don’t forget your instrument for the live jam!