What are you afraid of..?

Us creative folk know all too well how terrifying it can be to put ourself out there and share our work amongst the other artists we admire. But you know what? We’re all going to die, so why not slap fear in the face why we still have the chance?! This is the idea behind artist and filmmaker Stefan Hunt’s project and kickstarter campaign, ‘We’re All Going To Die.

“The moment you realise that you’re not the only one living with fears is the moment it all changes and this festival is a great platform to get people talking.”

Stefan is pulling together a huge lineup of people, artists, exhibitions, art projects, short films, installations and so much more for the festival happening at COMMUNE in Sydney on 17 November.


And to make this project come to life (pun intended) he and his team have started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds and awareness for the event. Check out their list of pledges here to see how you can help. A measly $25 will get you a ticket to the event and a rad little pin to show your support. Or if you have big bucks, $10,000 will shine light on Stefan’s fear of public speaking, and he will read his book anytime, anywhere… naked.