Victoria, an absolutely breathtaking German film by Sebastian Schipper that was shot in a single take, is now finally screening in Australia.

Check Golden Age Cinema and Bar‘s website for dates and tickets to see Victoria in Sydney, and you better hurry, many dates are already sold out.
If you’re in Melbourne, head to Cinema Nova.

Berlin, 4am. Victoria, a young woman from Madrid, meets Sonne and his three mates outside a club. The local guys promise to show Victoria the real side of the city, but they owe someone a dangerous favour that requires repaying that evening. As Victoria’s flirtation with Sonne deepens into something more he convinces her to come along for the ride. And as the night takes on an ever more menacing character, what started out as a good time quickly spirals out of control.

Shot in one continuous take, VICTORIA is a breathtaking cinematic adventure, sweeping the German Academy Awards, winning Best Film, Director, Actress, Actor, Cinematography and Music by Nils Frahm. This real-time 140-minute epic bobs and weaves through a fast-paced, non-stop thrill ride, featuring an energetic combination of 90s rave films, romantic walk-and-talks and high-stakes heists.