The Griswolds

Be Impressive (2014)

Sydney band, The Griswolds, debut album ‘Be Impressive’ is a mix of dangerously huge pop choruses and jungle beats, the perfect taste for the summer festival hipster and all around pop lover.

Personally what got me interested in The Griswolds was the song, Beware the Dog, the ever growing hit in Aus and US charts. From its tropical upbeat vibe, handclaps, gang vocals, swears and of course the ‘subtle’ hating the ex message, no one in their right mind couldn’t love this song, unless it was written about you I guess…

16 Years and If You Wanna Stay, there is something about that vocal falsetto that makes these tracks so damn good. The bridge in 16 Years is something special and what makes this track standout is stripping back and completely capturing the raw emotion of the song.

America, is another catchy tune keeping true to what seems to be their signature sound, big choruses and gang vocals, showcasing yet another awesome bridge section. The other tracks are equally as great on this album but I don’t want to give too much away.

So go out and support your local talent and grab a copy of ‘Be Impressive’ you won’t be let down by its pop fuelled fun.

The Griswolds score a total of 4 out of