Listening to the latest Seekae album ‘The Worry’ was an intense experience for me. The predecessors have proven to be some of my favourite albums of all time, and having to measure up to these game changers is a daunting affair.

The immediate thing to strike you, is the transition into the constant presence of the vocals as part of the construction. While no strangers for guest vocals, previously collaborating with the likes of Ghoul singer Ivan Vizintin with stunning results, this is definitely a step in a new direction for the Sydney trio.

Another, the first single, has an incredible depth of sound and really sets the scene for the new record, with the slow building beat and smooth vocals.

Test & Recognise, has the more intense build you’ve learnt to expect, with the conflicting yet perfectly matched mechanical beats.

Boys is the perfect downtime listening; the sort of track you listen to when riding the bus and peering out the rainy window, imagining you’re in a scene from a movie with your own soundtrack.

The biggest difference with The Worry, is perhaps slightly less layering and a bit of distance from their original polyrhythmic sound, but this is balanced beautifully with the vocals and still carries through the signature Seekae sound in a refreshing evolution. The addition of lyrics, definitely sets a different tone and adds a new dimension of meaning within the songs.

The live show still incorporates the luscious soundscapes you fell in love with, injected with the presence of the sultry vocals and lyrics to delve into a new dimension.

Another brave and flawless release, Seekae have yet to disappoint.

The Worry gets 4.5 out of 5