Milky Chance

Sadnecessary (2014)

‘Sadnecessary’ is the debut album from the German duo Milky Chance. A mix of pop, folk and reggae with a heavy electronic influence, create ‘Sadnecessary’s’ soulful sounds.

The first track Stunner pulls off an electronic and acoustic vibe with monotonal vocals, it’s a pretty chilled out track and setting up the album well.

Highlights on the album are Flashed Junk Mind, bringing beautiful harmonies and interesting guitar motifs. Running doubles vocals on top of looped guitar riffs, while slowly building into big raw vocals into the second verse.

Sadnecessary the title track is probably the strongest track, from the harmony in the intro of the song, to the way their vocals compliment one another while making repetitive guitar riffs sounds so good on such a melancholy track.

All in all, ‘Sadnecessary’ is a beautiful debut and is perfect for those long car rides, rainy days and goes down well with a glass of red.

Milky Chance score a total of 3.5 out of 5 with this little stunner.