Karen O

Crush Songs


‘Crush Songs’ is the debut LP release from the ever so talented, Karen O, front woman of indie rock band Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

The album consists of 15 short songs ranging from 1 to 2 minutes each and have a beautiful, airy, minimalistic quality about them. It’s a vocal, acoustic vibe with some added electronic drum samples in certain songs, really playing on the disheartened, melancholic, lyrical content.

The tracks are to the style of the psycho rock opera Stop The Virgins she produced and starred in and brought to our shores in 2012 for vivid festival, minimalistic with a vocal punch.

The opening song Ooo is short and sweet just like Karen and an acoustic guitar with some soft doo’s behind her vocals reminds me of a pretty lullaby.

The track Rapt is a little more edgy with doubled distorted vocals, similar to Ooo with its soft melodies and acoustic guitar, but Rapt has some angst to it.

All of the songs on ‘Crush Songs’ have that beautiful lullaby feel to them, ones that I would suggest to check out would be Come the Night, Other Side and Sunset Sun, they all have a lovely story to them and take you to their own little world.

‘Crush Songs’ is a great solo release from Karen and is one to keep your eyes peeled for, it’s in stores now.

Crush Songs get 3 out of 5.