El Pintor (2014)

Interpol’s 5th studio album ‘El Pintor’ hit the shelves this week and it’s a beautifully constructed masterpiece. Interpol, in my opinion, are such a understated band, from Paul Banks’ vocal stylings to the signature ‘Interpol’ guitar riffs, they are a standout by far. ‘El Pintor’ has fulfilled my Interpol void and amen for that.

Tracks like Anywere and My Desire have that distinctive build into the choruses that my ears have been longing to hear and the almost monotone flavours in the verses compliment the songs so well, while mixing in that rocky edge.

Same Town, New Story, is a little bit more fancy with a mix of sweet vocal harmonies. The drums consistent hi-hat beats, mix with the guitar phrases so perfectly. Vocally and instrumentally this track tells the perfect musical story.

Everything Is Wrong and Ancient Ways are my two favourites of ‘El Pintor’ and are two of the bigger tracks. Ancient Ways is instrumentally huge and it’s almost like the vocals are set more to the background with the harmonies carrying an eerie coo, it’s short and sweet.

The opening track All The Rage Back Home is definitely not one to be missed, well the album in whole is pretty bloody great. It makes you crave for a live Interpol experience and what more can you really ask for?

If you’re not a massive Interpol fan give ‘El Pintor’ a shot, it wont disappoint.

I’m going out on a limb this week and giving my first 5 out of 5.

It’s well deserved.