Gerard Way

Hesitant Alien


When I was told Gerard Way, former front man of the biggest band from the Emo movement My Chemical Romance, was releasing his own solo album a laugh emerged from my mouth. I was a huge fan of My Chem and it is only human that I found Mr Way ‘THE HOTTEST GUY EVER’ but besides that their music did turn into a hideous pop disaster by the end of it, so of course I was a little bit skeptical and I really had no words…I took a deep breath and listened and I was pleasantly surprised.

Hesitant Alien kinda actually rules! It is the perfect mix of rock and pop and really showcases Way’s vocal and musical talent. There are edgy, raw vocals transitioning into a clean falsetto; vocally you can really not fault him.

The opening track The Bureau reminds me of something Jack White would do, with huge chanting doubled vocals paired with down tuned guitars and the off beat drums. It is hard not to like The Bureau, and it is definitely my favourite of the album.

Brother feels like Way’s is paying homage to My Chem as the sounds reminded me of the album The Black Parade. The opening ballad with piano and melancholic vocals created a dramatic, theatrical feel.

Get the Gang Together is another cool track reminiscent of early Smashing Pumpkins. You then have Drugstore Perfume that provides a very 60’s psychedelic feel.

Hesitant Alien is diverse and plays around with different musical styles, yet stays on track (pardon the pun). I have to say it is a good thing that Gerard Way did a solo album, I know I will listen to it again, after all, everyone needs a little guilty pleasure!

Hesitant Alien gets 3.5 out of 5