FKA Twigs

LP1 (2014)

From the very first time I heard the hypnotising track Water Me, I knew there was something special about FKA Twigs. Changing pace throughout, and contrasting soft ethereal vocals with layered mechanical beats is just the right amount of unease and intrigue to keep you holding on to every beat.

This carries through her debut album, LP1, and shows off a multi-faceted and talented vocalist, lyricist, producer and creative director all in one. It is an album that connects with the sombre and the sensual, and creates a mood that flows from start to finish that can make you lose track of time.

The first single Two Weeks, kickstarts that sensuality, with a film clip to match, and has made a powerful and lasting first impression in the lead up to the album release. The halfway point, Pendulum, really anchors the sense of longing and lust which flows through many of the tracks, and almost feels like a sequel to Water Me.

Video Girl and Numbers are definite highlights in terms of production, the first slowing your heart beat right down before leading into the more intense overlapping percussive beats of Numbers, which will likely be the song getting stuck in your head.

Kicks rounds of the album brilliantly and seems to tie together all the elements she does so well with breathy vocals and flawless layering and depth of sound, which cements its place as a strong followup after 2 amazing EPs. In additional to the music, it is hard to deny the appeal of the bold visual identity she has created, with captivating film accompaniment to each track so far, and the exploration of distorted facial features prevalent in her album artworks.

FKA Twigs has left us excited for the next instalment, and LP1 gets 4 out of 5.