The Design Kids recently caught up with the renowned Dave Foster to chat all things typography and design:

Type legend, Dave Foster, tells us about how he scored his first gig even before he started his studies, how the Optus logotype job made it easier to explain what he does, and his hopes to finish his first solo typeface next year! 

What are some of your earliest creative memories and what lead you into design?
I remember being aware of handwriting quite early. Seeing other kids next to me in primary school writing in their exercise books neatly, or even just with different margins than mine that looked nicer, used to make me a little envious. I used to copy my big brother’s handwriting that covered all of his cassette tapes. From there it progressed into enjoying letterforms in the form of graffiti and then I moved onto using photoshop when I was about 14, left school at 16 to attend design college and then it snow balled from there.

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